Welcome to Healthy Eating

 Welcome to our Live Healthy by Eating Right  website for Health Energy & Longevity.  Here you will find information and healthy eating tips to help you attain your health and fitness goals.  Whether you are looking for increased energy , … [Read More...]


Are Whole Eggs Bad for You?

Myth #1. "whole Eggs are bad for you !"   Most people think that eggs are full of cholesterol and that if you eat the egg yolks your cholesterol will increase and thus you would be increasing your risk of heart disease. However , nothing could be … [Read More...]

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Nuts Are Full of Fat , are they Bad for you ?

Myth # 2. "Nuts Are Full of Fat and are Bad for you !"   Walnuts and Almonds, etc can be some of your best friends for a variety of reasons. Nuts are a "fatty food"  but they contain a healthy kind of fat that can actually help you burn fat off … [Read More...]


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Top 10 Mycotoxic Foods To Avoid

Top 10 Mycotoxic Foods to Avoid This list was put together by Dr. Dave Holland who is a co-author with Doug Kaufmann, of the best-selling book The Fungus Link. They discuss the harmful effects of yeast, fungi and the mycotoxins (fungal toxins) … [Read More...]


Is Your Multi Vitamin Natural or Synthetic ?

"Warning: Your Multivitamin May Not Be All it Claims To Be..." If you're like most people... If you have a hectic lifestyle and rely at all on processed or fast foods, chances are you don't get all the healthy nutrients you need from your … [Read More...]